Hello everyone! In this post, I just wanted to introduce you all to my brand new blog My Little Corner. You may all be wondering why I named it that but the truth is I just wanted to make it sound a little quirky and unique (which is how I genuinely am in real life!). To be
honest with you all, I used to have a blog that was not so successful in reality but that’s quite a different story! (*covers face so as not to be seen*) Yeah. It’s pretty evident that that didn’t go on too well.

Anyways, the purpose of this blog is to tell you all about my opinions, thoughts and views about things that are happening in the world and to express myself in words. So, I hope you all enjoy all of my blog posts and my blog in general and I just know that I’ll enjoy my new blogging experience and will receive the best support ever! (*does jazz hands while simultaneously grinning in quite an embarrassing way*)

-My Little Corner xxx



I love Nico. Like so much. I feel like ever since I’ve read the Percy Jackson series and the Heroes Of Olympus series I’ve sort of had this connection with him. You see, he’s a character who appears in both of the series and he’s a son of Hades. Basically, there’s this camp where half-bloods (sons and daughters of the Greek gods and mortals) called Camp Half-Blood where all the half-bloods or demigods hang out and train. The thing is Nico stayed in Camp Half-Blood for like a really short time. So, Percy and a few other characters (Zoe Nighshade, Thalia Grace, Grover Underwood, Bianca Di Angelo who is also Nico’s sister) went on this quest to find the goodness Artemis and Annabeth Chase (Percy’s friend, but now girlfriend). Before Percy went on his quest, Nico made him promise to look after Bianca and make sure she’s safe. But, Bianca dies on the on the quest as stated in a prophecy. Percy and his friends come back with Annabeth and Artemis, who later goes to her home In Olympus. Nico asks Percy where Bianca is and after Percy explains what has happened to her he runs away from camp. The real reason he ran away, is revealed in the Heroes of Olympus series later on, is because Nico had a crush on Percy and because Percy broke his promise Nico ran away. The thing is, I felt so sorry for Nico because he had to go through so much. However, in the end it all works out and he gets together with Will Solace, another camper. But still, I felt that he was always alone and hidden into the shadows. Oh and did I mention that Percy decided to get with Annabeth and that’s just even more painful for him. 

Right so, I hope you like this post. I apologise for the spoilers and all but hey I had no choice. Yeah so if any of you want to fangirl about Nico Di Angelo and Percy Jackson stuff in general then feel free to do so. Also, I definitely recommend you guys to read both of the series because they’re definitely amazing! You can read them online on PDFs. So, I guess I should say byeeeee.

-Anna xxx

The Inspirational Blogger Award + I owe you all an apology!

I’m honestly such a procrastinator. I cannot tell you how annoyed I am right now. I’ve basically not written a blog post in like  A      G       E       S. Oh and btw, I do have some pretty awesome news at the end so you might want to stick around you know *wink wink*. Anyways, I’ve been nominated for The Inspirational Blogger Award by Friederike! You should definitely take a visit to her blog because it definitely inspires me! 🙂 So, Let’s get onto the Inspirational Blogger Award!

RULES: (Because almost nothing exists without them)


  1. Thank the blogger who nominated you in your post and make sure to link their blog!
  2. Insert the blog award badge
  3. Copy and paste these rules
  4. Complete the blogger award scrapbook style questions
    (make sure to include photos where possible)
  5. Nominate 10 other bloggers who inspire you

Btw this award was created by Aleeha and Lucy from the HALE blog.




1. Share a quote to inspire other bloggers!

I’ll be sharing a quote that’s been stuck with me for many many years.

Related image

I just absolutely love this quote so much! I was actually just scrolling through a bunch of tumblr quotes when I came across this beauty. It’s so motivational and I feel like it’s honestly a baswe quote, if you know what I mean!

2. Share a photo of one of your favourite places that you have visited. What do you love about this place?

Well, you see my favourite place is actually Canada or California but I haven’t really been there before. But, my favourite place from the places that I have visited would be Brussels, Belgium AND (Yes, there’s two) Switzerland when we went to Mount Titlis.

So, when we went to Brussels we went to like a gazillion chocolate shops because, as you may know, Brussels is famous for its amazing chocolate. So after I looked for some pictures on my phone I found this one chocolate shop that I really liked a lot!

Related image

This chocolate shop was actually called La Belgique Gourmande. It was a great shop with plenty of free samples to taste! I definitely recommend that you guys should go to this shop if you’re planning on going to Brussels anytime soon!

The next one is Switzerland. We went to Mount Titlas. Like proper on the mountain and everything. It was a great experience and I managed to grab a souvenir too just before we left! Here’s a picture that I took:

Image result for mount titlis switzerland summer


This was the view from the cable car a we were going up on the mountain. I think it looks really nice! 🙂

3. Share a link to one of your favourite blogs. What qualities do you love about this blogger?

I love a lot of blogs and I would definitely list them all here but unfortunately I haven’t exactly got that much time! But, one of my favourite blog would definitely be Just Blank Space because her blog is so pretty! Judging by her Instagram (and blog) posts, she’s super duper talented and can even turn a blank piece of paper into something gorgeous in just minutes!

4. Share a photo of a favourite book/film.

This is honestly such a hard question because I have a lot of favourite books (like a lot). Oh and recently I’ve just finished the Percy Jackson series and the Heroes of Olympus series (this series is related to Percy Jackson btw) so yeah. But, after PLENTY of thought I realised that this is ONE of my SEVERAL favourite books so here it comes:

Image result for heroes of olympus blood of olympus

I LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS BOOK! I don’t want to give away any spoilers but I’ll be making a post about my favourite character in this book (who is called Nico Di’ Angelo) so stay tuned for that. Also, if any of you have read the Percy Jackson series or/and the Heroes Of Olympus Series then feel free to fangirl about it with me (hehe).

5. Do you have any other hobbies or passions outside of blogging?

Duh. I have plenty but I wanted to share two of them with you guys today. One of them is reading. I can read for like forever. No joke. One time on a Saturday, my parents went out and left me and my sister home alone and I spent the whole time (which was like 5 hours. I know, don’t ask me what my parents did all that time) reading. Give me a bunch of good books and I’ll just spend my whole lifetime reading it.

My next hobby is a little bit different. I actually like to design quotes. If you follow me on Instagram, you’ll see that I have a quote book. I post lots of new designs that I’ve done too. I’m not perfect at art but topography is more of my thing!

6. List 5 places on your travel bucket list.

  1. Canada (Obviously)
  2. USA (Like Florida, California and LA)
  3. Amsterdam (I just really like this place a lot!)
  4. South Korea (KPOP!!!!!!!!!!)
  5. Singapore (I’ve actually heard that it looks really amazing!)


7. Share a link to one of your favourite posts on your blog. Why is it your favourite?

Mine would be London Fireworks + 100 Followers! 

This is my favourite post because when I look back on it, it always reminds of my fantastic New Year and the fact that I achieved a 100 Followers in like a week! I think its great to have a post about one of your great achievement!

8. Share a photo of one item that you love. 

Related image

I love these two backpacks! They look so adorable and I just love the two pastel colours they come in!

9. Share an item which is currently on your wishlist. What do you love so much about this item/why do you want it?

A Macbook Air/Pro because it just looks really nice and I have thought of plenty of great uses for it too! I would love to do all of my homework and blog posts on it instead of having to borrow my dad’s.

10. How long have you been blogging for? Do you want to continue blogging forever?

About less than 2 months. Well, blogging FOREVER. Maybe, maybe not. I guess I’ll just have to see!


  1. Just Blank Space
  2. Jenna 
  3. Stella 
  4. Evelynn @ Our Little DIY Corner
  5. The Musings Of A Wanderer
  6. Teacher of YA
  7. Avec Valerie
  8. Joce
  9. Izzierose
  10. eelblogs


Annnnnd that’s it! Sorry if you didn’t get nominated! I’m really sorry! There’s always next time. Anyway, I hope you guys liked this post because I definitely enjoyed writing it! Byeeeee!

-Anna xxx



A Post About Procrastination ft. The Girl With The Camera

Right, I owe you all an apology for not posting in like FOREVER! (Hope you all didn’t miss me! *wink wink*) I think I’ve been procrastinating myself! (hehe) But, I can’t make a post about me apologising to you so I guess we’ll just have to jump into the guest post! Oh and btw the guest post will be done by the lovely Glasha Flint! (aka thegirlwiththecamera) Go check her out! She’ll be talking about Procrastination!

How to beat Procrastination :

Hello Everyone,
I’m the Girl with a Camera or you can just call me G ! Today on Anna’s amazing blog I’m going to be doing a post on how to beat procrastination.
Everyone Procrastinates. If you  say you don’t you are  lying. When you have lots of homework or jobs to do you sit around and watch YouTube instead or get engulfed by social media.
It’s a very bad habit. I’m here to give you some tips on how to beat the bad habit!
1. Making lists :
List making is my favourite.  All you have to do is write down all the things you need to do that day and draw a small box next to each one.
When completed tick each box and you feel so much happier and you feel like you have been more productive !  This way you can physically see what you haven’t and have done!
2.  Take Breaks :
Once you have done a hefty amount of work from a job or from a piece of homework,  take a small break. I personally don’t think it’s good to go on any electrical devices,  because you may get hooked at start procrastinating which is not what we want !
I personally just like to have a drink of water or tea and just let any information sink in.  I like to have 5 minute breaks.
3. Think about the End term accomplishment :
If your struggling to think of a purpose of revising / doing whatever you need to do,  think about the end term goal. If it’s revising for a test, or for an important exam, think how that exam/ test will benefit you for the future.
It could help you get into a certain college/university/job that you really want. This can really motivate you to do what you need to do.
I really hope you all really enjoyed this post here on Anna’s Blog. I’m excited to see all the other posts she does,  and also don’t forget to check out my blog, linked here:  (
The Girl with a Camera (G) x
So, that was Glasha’s post! I hope you all enjoyed it because I definitely did! Also, I’ve reached a 1,000 likes on my blog so another thing to celebrate right there!
-Anna xxx
P.S: Happy Valentines Day! 

Happy Birthday to me!

Hello everyone and it’s my birthday! I’m super jolly (very unusual for me actually!;)) and very excited for Saturday to come because I’ll be having a nice little get together with my friends! Yay! Btw in case you have a different timezone to London then if you were wondering my birthday is on the 1st of February. Back to the topic, I’ll be sharing a few things you guys might want to know about my birthday…

1. I was born on the same day as Harry Styles. I know I know, Harry Styles. But, to be honest, I don’t like one direction too much. Though, I did like Story of my life and a few other songs.

2. I was born 2 days after Lilly Evans. (aka Harry Potter’s mother) I’m so happy about this and it makes me so glad to hear this!

3. For 5 years, I haven’t had a bday that I’ve enjoyed! I know, this sounds like I’m being a spoiler brat but I guess I haven’t had a birthday that’s been spent properly with my friends!

4. I find it really awkward when someone I don’t really talk to gives me a birthday present. Like, it honestly starts to make me feel guilty for not getting them a present and it’s a little strange saying thank you for what they got me.

5. Lastly, the only thing I want this birthday is a new laptop because currently I have to share one with my dad and that one is so freakin S.  L.  O.  W! 

That’s it for today guys! Bye and I hope I’ll have a pleasant (ahem) birthday this year! 🎂🎉🎈🎁🎊

-Anna xxx

A post about stress ft. Joce!

YAAASSS! I’m super happy to be back to do a new blog post! Sorry for my short 4 day break btw. Anyway, for today’s post I’m joined with (well, not exactly joined) Joce (Isobel Moon)! Thank you, Joce, for volunteering to do a guest post on my blog! So, let’s get to it!


Let’s be real.  Stress sucks!! defines it as a specific response by the body to a stimulus, as fear or pain, that disturbs or interferes with the normal physiological equilibrium of an organism.  When I read that, it’s not the whole sentence that sticks with me (if you read that and know what it’s talking about in one shot, you’re a genius), but one word– FEAR.  Yes, I know it might not seem like that at times, but that’s exactly what stress is.  An overwhelming fear of doing something, of failing, of feeling so completely lost as to how to begin that you can’t even begin to think about the final product.  Think carefully about when you stress out.  The underlying emotion is (predominantly) fear.  I think that’s one of the key reasons why so many people have stress that they physically cannot control.  Human beings and doctors alike treat it as an anxiety related illness, when it is really caused by being afraid.    

Most of you don’t know me, and even if you read my blog I doubt you know this, but I have an incredible amount of stress when it comes to school and basketball.  The reason for this isn’t because I can’t do it (I’m actually high in my class and playing basketball in college) but because I put so much pressure on myself to not just succeed, but to be the best at it.  And I don’t want to settle for anything less.  In a way, it’s because of this that I’ve done so well in both areas of my life.  But on the other hand, it’s the exact same reason that I spend hours at night crying, and sit up at night worrying about whether I will accomplish everything I need to.  And you know what, in the past couple of years I’ve started to learn that IT’S NOT WORTH IT.  I promise.  To be honest, that’s the biggest part of living a life that’s stress-free.

You’re better than stress.  Tell your stress, your problems, to fuck off.  I know that’s not easy, because obviously if you’re stressing about it it’s a huge deal in your life.  But you have to.  Start simple.  When it starts to overwhelm you, you have two choices.  You can let it, or you can fight back.  For me, that came through positive mantras.  I literally had to tell myself that I didn’t care if I failed a test (as long as I had done my best to prepare) and then I slowly started to believe it.  You can actually trick your brain into believing that you’re okay just by repeating it over and over to yourself.

At this point, there’s probably many of you out there saying Well, good for her, but I’m stressed out because I have so much to  do, not because I’m afraid of failing at it.  I know I can do it, I just don’t know when.  If this is you, let me tell you something.  Right now, you’re afraid of failing at completing all of your tasks.  Let go of the fear.  This is something where prioritising might actually come in handy, so I highly recommend.  Make sure that you’re putting the most important tasks first.  This is normally where my stress hits the hardest– there’s so much to do and all of it is important so I don’t know where to start.  Sounds relatable? Pick somewhere and attack it.  And, while you’re doing that, forget about everything else.  NEVER LOOK AHEAD.  Sounds dumb, right? You need to look ahead to prioritise. True.  But when you are completing one task, don’t think about any of the others.  Because, (ready to be amazed?) when you’re working on one project, thinking about the other isn’t going to get it done any faster!!!!! *gasps* *passes out in shock*.  Really, sarcasm aside, this trick works.  Even if you don’t think that you’re mentally multitasking, you probably are.  You have to focus on focusing.  Some experts believe that meditation will help decrease stress.  And maybe they’re right.  But personally, I believe that the best “meditation” is focusing on the work in front of you at that exact moment and pushing everything else (other homework, a project, a test, a big game, breaking up with your boyfriend, marrying your boyfriend) out of your head.  The good or the bad need to go, and with it the stress will go.  You’re brain is physically incapable about stressing and being overwhelmed when you are only allowing it to think about math problem #12.  It doesn’t realise that you have 150 and it’s already midnight.  Just take it one (tiny) step at a time, and I promise that this will make your life much more stress free.

Nothing in life is such a big deal that it’s worth ruining your life for.  Stress for many people is not life inhibiting (on the surface) but it really does impact your day to day and hurts you by making you less happy, and less satisfied with life, than you should be.  And screw that.  You deserve to have a perfect life, because you are perfect in your own way.  Just don’t be afraid of not being perfect.  Be more willing to make mistakes.  If you have too much going on and that is causing your stress, tell yourself that you can do it.  Deep down, you know that’s true, because otherwise you probably wouldn’t be in a position to be earning all of those things to do in the first place.  Remember above all that you are amazing, and that you are capable of doing whatever you put your mind too.

If any of you want someone to talk to, know that I’m always here to give advice or just listen to rants and be a *virtual* shoulder to cry on.  I love each and every one of you, and I want you to be happy.  Feel free to email me at or find me at my book blog,


The Mystery Blog Award + The One Lovely Blogger Award!

Hellooooooo everyone out there who actually chooses to read my posts! I’m very happy (as usual whenever I log on to my WordPress account!) because I got nominated to do the THE MYSTERY BLOGGER AWARD AND…(Yes, there’s more!) THE ONE LOVELY BLOGGER AWARD! (Excuse me for the capitals btw but that is due to my extreme over excitement) The lovely Smiling Dreamer nominated me for both of these awards which is so sweet of her! So, let’s just start with The Mystery Blogger Award first!

The Mystery Blogger Award!



  • Display Award Logo On Blog
  • List The Rules
  • Mention Creator Of Award & Provide A Link
  • Thank The Blogger(s) Who Nominated You & Provide A Link
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  • Share Your Best Post


First of all, the creator of this award is Okoto Enigma! Huge shout out to her for making this brilliant award! I think it’s a great idea for bloggers to get to know each other and express themselves!

3 Things about me!

  1. I’m obsessed with unicorns and rainbows! I feel like every girl (and maybe even boy) has a sort of connection with cute animals and pretty rainbows and things like that! I mean, it doesn’t matter whether you’re 15, 10 or even 20 because I’m sure that you’ll still probably love them!
  2. I still haven’t gotten over the fact that Trump is the new president! I genuinely miss Obama, especially Michelle Obama! They were like so amazing! I literally loved both of them!
  3. I FREAKIN LOVE HARRY POTTER! If you haven’t read the series yet, I definitely advise you to immediately start reading it because it is goals! I could actually talk about Harry Potter FOREVER…if I could.


I Nominate…

Evelynn & Nathalia

Kate (All The Trinkets)

Tanya Tales

Mahriya Zahid

Doni W

AKA The Author




Tabi Bee


5 Questions from my nominee!


1. What is 1 question you hate to answer?
Can you choose between Zoella or Lilly Singh
2. Are you usually late, early or right on time?
I’m mostly right on time but sometimes I’m fashionably late by like 5 minutes.
3. What are the top 3 apps you use on your phone?
Life Hacks, Dumb ways to die 2 and Instagram
4. If you could be any age in a week, what age would it be and why?
20 or 21 because that’s usually the age everyone goes to University and I’d love to see how it is to go to uni.
5. What’s the worst punishment you had as a child?
To be honest, I didn’t get punishments as a kid because I guess my parents couldn’t be bothered.
Extra Hard Bonus Question: Nutella Or French Fries?
I would say French Fries because I just literally love them so much! I like Nutella too but I guess I like French Fries a tinsy bit more.
5 questions for my nominees!
1. What is the one thing that you dislike about yourself?
2. What is your favourite word and why?
3. What is one quality you like about yourself?
4. Have you ever got bullied? What for?
5. How were you like as a child?
My Best Post!
The One Lovely Blogger Award! 
Screen Shot 2017-01-20 at 11.55.46 AM.png
1. Thank the person who nominated you & provide a link to their blog.
2. Post about the award.
3. Share 7 facts about yourself.
4. Nominate bloggers
5. Tell your readers good news!
Thank you to Smiling Dreamer again for nominating me for this award! I have provided a link to her blog above btw, so you can check that out!
7 facts about me!
1. I love puppies! They’re just so adorable and cute! I just hope I’ll be able to get one soon!
2. I really want to visit Florida or LA because I think they’re amazing states form what I’ve heard!
3. My worst fear is failing in life and I don’t mean failing a test, I mean failing everything and not achieving all of my goals.
4. My real name isn’t Anna. That’s just one of my several nicknames!
5. I’m not so great at P.E.
6. I’ve started reading the Percy Jackson series and I love it so much!
7. My favourite books when I was young (and I still love them to this day!) was The Bubble Boy, The Boy Called Hope and Ophelia and The Marvellous Boy!
I nominate…
The same wonderful people as The Mystery Blogger Award.
I have an idea for The Refugee Project! (view that post here) I’ll tell you all about it on Friday so watch out for that post! Also, thanks so much for the ideas you all gave me! They’re great! 🙂
Right, that’s just about it! Like I said, watch out for the post on Friday! Thanks everyone!

-Anna xxx

A post about Feminism ft. wolfish delight!


I am currently watching Donald Trump’s president speech and already there are a few things I disagree with straight away! Btw if you live in the USA good luck for the next 4 years! (You’ll need it!)


Anyway, today I have Wolfish Delight to do a guest post for my blog! YAAASSSSS! Also, huge shout out to Young Writer 21 for being amazing! Now then, here’s Wolfish Delight’s post!


Well damn, I’ve gone and picked a huge topic to write about here…So feminism, has been causing quite a bit of controversy for, well, basically since its birth really. Which I suppose to a certain extent, I get but at the same time, why is it so difficult to accept that women and men deserve to be equal? And, of course, not just men and women but also anyone and everyone who identifies with a different part of the gender spectrum. In my experience as a 16 year old girl, among all the things I could get questioned about, I usually get asked about why feminism is called Feminism if it’s about equality of both sexes. At first, I didn’t how to answer the question and my instant response was ?!?! But it made me think, and after reading a few articles and other posts online, I think I’ve got it sorted. Basically, even though it is about equality of the sexes. Feminism was primarily a movement formed to help women, and it still is. Women generally face more discrimination purely because of their gender, whereas for men there are other factors that come into play when being discriminated against such as sexuality or race. For women, more often than not, their gender alone is made to be a barrier. Most often when talking about women’s issues people will try to interrupt by bringing up a similar issue that men have, and I am not sorry to say that in that moment if you’re going to try and derail the conversation and bring the spotlight onto yourself I will disregard your comment. There’s a big difference between saying ‘men get abused’ and ‘men get abused too’. The addition of ‘too’ simply means you are not willing to have the spotlight on only women’s issues, if we can’t focus on it then how are we supposed to even attempt solve it?I’m not saying we shouldn’t talk about men’s issues, because they are equally as valid but don’t use one group’s issues to disregard another’s. In the same way it would be wrong to try to move the focus onto women’s issues in a situation where the discussion was about men’s issues.

That’ll be all you have to read from me today, I’d just like to thank Anna for giving me this opportunity!

For more ramblings from me, you can visit my blog here.

~ Wolfish Delight 


Thank you, Wolfish Delight for the brilliant post on Feminism! Before I end this post, I’d just like to say that last night I hit 200 followers! I’m so happy that this happened! Again, I could not have done it without you beautiful people out there! I love you guys so much! Thanks! 🙂

-Anna xxx



A post about toxic friendships ft. Sinead

Hello everyone! Today, is the 1st day of my amazing guest post extravaganza! Yippee! Starring in my post will be the extremely talented (I said it!) blogger Sinead! (aka mysecretteenageblog) I love her blog and, of course, her! She’s brilliant and I definitely recommend you all to check her out! So, today she will be talking about toxic friendships! Yay! Here’s what she has to say about it:


Hi everyone! I’m Sinead from mysecretteenageblog and I’m so excited to guest blog on Anna’s blog!

Today I’m going to be talking about toxic friends. These are friends who constantly make you feel worthless and you just don’t feel happy around them.

Here are a few signs you might have a toxic friend:

  • You don’t trust them with secrets or personal information
  • They don’t understand how you feel, or at least they don’t try to understand.
  • They talk about you behind your back
  • They make most conversations about them
  • You always help them but they will never help you
  • They judge you on your actions and appearance
  • They don’t reason, the are only going to give in with their way
  • They’re jealous if something good happens to you and not them instead of just being happy for you.

As you can see there are lots of signs that mean you could have a toxic friend.

If you now know one of your friends are toxic there are a number of things you could do:

  • Move classes – If you are still in school and your toxic friend is in your class, go to your head of year and explain the reason you want to move. Don’t mention your friends name and they will understand. I have done this with one of my friends, I had to put up with her for 2 years and finally in year 9 I’m happy.
  • Delete them from social media – Delete them from your phone completely, remove their phone number, unfollow them on Instagram, unadd them on Snapchat, whatever! This will make you feel a lot better not seeing their name everybtime you open your phone!

We have just started a new year and this is the perfect year to start fresh!

I really hope you guys enjoyed this and it helped!

If you want to check my blog out, just search ‘mysecretteenageblog!’

Once again thank you Anna for having me guest blog, I really enjoyed it!

Sinead – mysecretteenageblog Xx

So that was it! Thank you Sinead for doing it! I totally appreciate it! 🙂 Bye everyone!

-Anna xxx


The Refugee Project 

Hello wonderful bloggers out there! Today, I wanted give you all a nice little one of my announcement! Here goes…

The announcement is that today in school my teacher told the whole class that we would be taking part in something called the refugee project! It’s basically where we have to design an invention for refugees! It could be a solar powered jacket or something that would help them stay warm in the Winter. We have to submit our entry in about 2 weeks time, so I thought that I could use your help! It would be best if you can give in your idea by the end of this week! I would appreciate it so so much and I’ll be mentioning you too! (If you want to be mentioned!) However, I want the most beneficial and unique ideas because after all this is for a good cause! Also, if it’s possible try to name a few of the features to make everything a lot more easier! You can email me at or even comment it down below! I’ll mention the winner in my next post! Not too complex too please! 

Also, I know that like 12 of you wanted to do a guest post on my blog so I’d like all the entries before tomorrow but I can make an exception if you give it in on the 18th because I’m nice! 😄

Thank you! 🙂

-Anna xxx

The A-Z Tag!

Hello readers! Sorry for not posting for like a week! I was pretty busy (you know the usual work and stuff). But anyway, here we are to this post! Also, I was tagged by the brilliant Ivy in case you were wondering! Thank you so much, Ivy! So, lemme just get to it!














N-New to the blogosphere





S-Silly (at times!)








I tag…


Smiling Dreamer

Tanya Tale 

That’s it! Sorry for not nominating too many people as this is quite a rushed post! Have a great day!

-Anna xxx